Henley’s Roofing Ltd.

A Quality and Reliable Roofing Company covering Kent, London and the South East.

Roofing Services

If you are in need of Roofing Contractor in the south-east of England or London then you are in the right place. Henley’s Roofing is a professional roofing company accredited by all the major manufacturers and CheckaTrade. Henley’s Roofing covers all aspects of Roofs and Roofing services.

Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

Do you need to replace your fascia, Soffits or Guttering? Henley’s Roofing takes on all manner of work including replacing and servicing your Facias. soffits and guttering. A Profesional outfit confirmed by CheckaTrade. What do you have to lose? Contact us now.

Mansafe and Walkway Systems

ManSafe Systems are essential when people are working at height. Mansafe systems are there to help workers work safely and prevent injury should they fall. ManSafe systems allow safe access to roofs using horizontal safety lines to keep your workforce safe.

Built-Up Felt systems

Torch-on Roofing Felt. Torch-on roofing, or torch-down roofing as it is also known, is a flat roof covering solution that involves three or more layers of modified bitumen felt. This is the most common system for Dormers, garages and most flat roofs. If you are interested in built-up felt, Why not get in touch.

Pitched Roof, Tiling and Slating Services

Henley’s Roofing cover all aspects of tiling and slating on pitched roofs. Including, Interlocking tiles, Natural Slating and complelte new roofs or repairs to existing roofs. Fully guranteed and covered by our insurance policies. Get in touch for more details

Surveying and Checking Exisiting Roofs

A survey of a flat roof is recommended every two years by most insurance companies. This will identify the failings and degradation of the roofing materials and let you know the recommended actions. If a flat roof fails, a catastrophic leak could start which in turn could damage the very fabric of the building.

Why leave it to chance? Contact Henleys Roofing for a survey.

Lead Work

Here at Henley’s Roofing Ltd, we undertake all manner of lead work. From Lead sheet roofs to Chimney Gutters and flashing. Lead is resistant to corrosion and rust which is why it’s still used today.

Lead has a whole heap of benefits when used on a roof, including being durable and lasting, soft malleable which means it can be shaped easily to fit your neeeds.

Single Ply Membranes

Single Ply Roofing is a flat, synthetic polymer-based roofing material that, as the name suggests, provides a waterproofing layer inside a single sheet of Ply. If you need a flat lightweight, cheap and quick roof installed. Then singly ply membranes could be the way forward for you.

Cold Applied Systems (PMMA)

Cold liquid systems are capable of stretching and returning to original shape without damage. This prooves a cost-effective and reliable way of making existing and new roofs waterproof. Cold applied systems work across most surfaces and have extremely high resistance to the weather and its varying temperatures and conditions.

Maintenance Packages

At Henley’s Roofing, we now offer a maintenance package which for a yearly fee we will come out once or twice a year and carry out gutter cleaning and roof inspections. Looking after your roof is key to keeping your house in order, if it was to develop a leak who knows what could happen to your hosue. Best to be sure and be aware of any problems as they might arrise. Contact me for more info.